Daniel Nesov

I'm making games and sounds.

About Me

My name is Daniel Nesov and I'm a game developer and sound designer based in Poland.

I'm primarily using an open-source game engine Godot and C# programming language.

Apart from developing my own games, I'm also doing sound design and gameplay programming for SCP - Containment Breach Reborn.

24 April 2024

Jump Adventures is a minimalistic platformer game. Prepare for a bite-sized adventure across vibrant worlds, each with their own challenges and dangers waiting to surprise you!

Embark on a short, but sweet journey that can be completed in one sitting.

28 August 2022

In Steel Silk, you play as a mechanized research spider. After your initial deployment at the hot spot, you lost your weaponry and are forced to use your clones to clear dangers in your path. Act swiftly, move freely: you're among the last hopes of humanity.

A game jam game developed in collaboration with ConfiG and Ucrash.

Unannounced Game


An unnanounced horror game currently in development.


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