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I'm making games and sounds.

Hello World!

Welcome to my updated blog page! I’m Daniel, and in my free time I like to develop games, play around with technology and write prose. Currently, I’m working on a platformer game called Jump Adventures, a procedural generation project code named Void, and a little JIT compiled programming language.

Promotional banner for Jump Adventures.

A capture from a work in progress build of Project Void.

I started my journey in games back in 2014, with Unity 4 and UnityScript. My beginnings with this engine were rather poor, with me carelessly copying code from video tutorials and wondering why it didn’t work. My frustration allowed me to discover a great piece of software that I used until 2017, called Construct 2.

Using Construct 2 was a breeze for younger me. “Codeless” environment made it convenient to iterate on my projects and allowed me to get something finished. The quality of these games was rather questionable, but it allowed me to taste how it is to be a game designer.

In 2018 I laid the foundation for the project known as DarkLife, this time using Unreal Engine 4. It was supposed to be multiplayer action based on a highly popular formula of Garry’s Mod’s game mode called DarkRP. Shortly after, it got cancelled in favor for a much ambitious and elaborated Dyingworld back in 2019.

We (me and talented individuals assisting with art aspects) envisioned a cooperative cyberpunk experience, where players had to scavenge the world for resources to use against malfunctioned AI overlord that spawns killing machines. We abandoned this idea because it was too ambitious for a small team like ours.

Funnily enough, the game was similar to Embark Studios’ upcoming Arc Raiders, which was announced in 2021, 2 years after we began our work.

In early 2021, inspired by Soma and Amnesia, I began the pre-production for a hard science fiction short Cryo, which follows the story of Madeline Greenwood as she finds herself stranded on a research facility stationed on Triton, Neptune’s moon, without a single trace of her colleagues and no response from Earth. Similarly to Frictional Games’ work, it features detailed physics and analogous interactions. As of March 2022, the project is on hold to focus on finishing Jump Adventures.

Cryo is an interesting project with an achievable scope given our resources, but since a back then side project of mine was becoming a polished, playable game, I decided to put more effort into making sure it is one. Given that the proper gameplay reveal for Jump Adventures is not too far, its safe to say that Cryo’s proper development will continue in a foreseeable future.

This all leads to present times, 2022, with me writing this post for a new blog of mine.

On this page, you can expect me sharing my experience working on game projects, challenges I face along the way, and my excitement over arriving tech. In fact, I already have drafts in store to publish in coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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