Daniel Nesov

I'm making games and sounds.

Evolution of Jump Adventures’ visuals

The visuals of the game was the hardest part to do right, due to the focus on readability while retaining its own distinct design voice. In this blog post, I will go through the challenges of creating a look for Jump Adventures.

Making of Steel Silk, and what I learned along the way.

For this year’s second Brackey’s Game Jam, me and a bunch of other people worked on an action rogue-lite where you play as a mechanized research spider that uses it’s own clones to defend itself. I was responsible for some of the game’s not so quality code and for all sound design work. Here’s what I learned by working on it for 7 days.

Hello World!

Welcome to my updated blog page! I’m Daniel, and in my free time I like to develop games, play around with technology and write prose. Currently, I’m working on a platformer game called Jump Adventures, a procedural generation project code named Void, and a little JIT compiled programming language.


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